***On Maternity Leave! Will be planning shows for next year and writing new music!

Music Video for "Chichen" created and directed by Pete Sickbert-Bennett:


11/18/2017:  Off Broadway, Broadway Market, London, UK with Meg Cavanaugh

11/25/2017:  Hendrix Ibsen in Oslo, Norway  at the Vulkan w/ DJ Moonshine

10/15/2017:  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 with Kevin Rose, Jameson Edwards, and Friends

5/24/2017:  The Footlight, Ridgewood, Queens, NY with Little Hustle

5/12/2017:  Luna Coffee Shop, Manhattan, NY with White Trash Acres

4/29/17:  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 Show with Special Guests

1/28/17:  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1  with Kevin Rose

11/11/16:  Playlist Showcase with Treble in Bushwick, Brooklyn  with Moonheart and Tiny Hazard

11/12/16:  Greenpoint at Night  Available on Facebook

10/15/16:  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1  - First Kiss Show with Sarah G. Ross

8/20/16:  Rockwood Music Hall with writer Kevin Rose and Sarah G. Ross

7/16/16:  The Gutter, Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Lost Settlers and Ghost King

6/4/2016:  Solo Show with Brian Markham (Ancient Sky) at Bene's Record Shop, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

11/21/2015:  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 at 3pm in Manhattan

7/2/15:  Record Release Show at The Slipper Room in Manhattan

6/21/15:  Make Music New York Concert in McGolrick Park with Kevin Alvir

6/4/15:  Bar Matchless, Brooklyn with Larkin Grimm and Adam Evald and Michi Kusa

5/28/15:  Troost at 8pm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

12/10/14- Cake Shop NYC w/ Adam Evald (Sweden) and George Sand

8/20/14- Black Bear Bar, Brooklyn w/ Dead Dream and Teachers or Police

7/17/14- Bar Matchless, Brooklyn w/ Larkin Grimm and Dommengang

6/12/14- Northside Fest Showcase at CoCo66, Brooklyn

5/19/14- Radio Bushwick, Brooklyn

4/4/14- CoCo 66 w/ George Sand and Faten Kanaan

3/7/14- Radio Bushwick w/ Ice Cream Cathedral (Denmark)

2/15/14- The Grand Victory w/ Ancient Sky

1/3/14- Spike Hill, Brooklyn w/ XNY

11/16/13-  Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn

11/14/13- The Grand Victory, Brooklyn

11/9/13- Music School of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

10/23/13- Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn

10/8/13- Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn w/ George Sand

9/28/13- Lit Lounge w/ Avox Blue

9/5/13- Bar Matchless, Brooklyn w/ Larkin Grimm

7/31/13- Spike Hill, Brooklyn

7/12/13- The Gutter, Brooklyn w/ Invisible Days

7/2/13- Cake Shop NYC, New York w/ George Sand